Digital Twin Construction Ontology

Digital Twin Construction (DTC) has emerged as a next-generation data-driven paradigm for construction management. A comprehensive ontology that enables capturing and structuring essential construction information in a machine-readable format is indispensable for a DTC information system. By collaborating with our partners from Technical University of Munich and CSTB within the EU Horizon 2020 project BIM2TWIN, we have developed the Digital Twin Construction Ontology, which now can be accessible at

This ontology represents the most important concepts related to the digital twin of a construction site. It explicitly defines both project intent and project status. The project intent describes the project aim in the form of, e.g., the construction schedule and a 3D building design, while the project status delineates the real-time conditions observed on the construction site. The project intent includes two aspects: as-planned construction processes and as-designed products. Their counterparts of the project status are as-performed and as-built.