Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Lecture at Frontiers of Engineering Management – Oct 25, 2021
“Future Intelligent Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems” – Prof. Rafael Sacks, Technion IIT

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Parametric 3D modeling has the potential to replace the age-old paradigm of 2D drawings as the main medium of design, communication and information storage for construction in civil engineering (Eastman et al. 2003a). This research proposes to examine the economic impact of this shift. continue reading.


PCI National BIM Standard Project

Information Technologies for Precast/Prestressed Concretephoto

This project, funded by the Precast Concrete Software Consortium (PCSC), and led by Prof. Chuck Eastman at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, has two primary tasks: development of a fully parametric 3D modeling software platform for the North American Precast/Prestressed Concrete industry, and development of a Precast Product Data Model for exchange of engineering information in the industry.