Leapcon X

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Leapcon X is a simulation capable of modelling a large set of projects, with many subcontractors, work packages, and a great variety of strategies one could take in attempting to improve their projects. By modeling a much richer and varied environment, with an almost unlimited number of moving parts, it would be possible to try to capture the dynamics of an entire regional construction market.

The Leapcon X simulation was designed to support an unlimited number of buildings of unlimited size, subcontractors, and work crews. The user can define the work sequence, including defining a re-entrant flow. The quantity of work for each apartment is set by the user, including the ability to set the work quantity for certain work packages to zero. This implies that the work sequence can be defined at the level of individual apartments by manipulating the quantity of work for each work package; steps with zero work quantity are skipped, meaning different apartments can have different work sequences.

Research materials

Leapcon X input template file (Excel) – This file contains a set of tables that define the input parameters for a simulation. To create a new simulation, download this file and populate it with data that describe your local construction market.


Value stream map (VSM) Current state

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Business Process Model (BPMN) Current state

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Business Process Model (BPMN) Future state